How can I get $MEKA?

$MEKA will be listed on PancakeSwap. You can also earn $MEKA by playing our game. We won't have any $MEKA presale. (PLANNED LISTING FOR 01/19/2022)

Is there a Whitelist ?

No, all sales are public so everyone will have the same chance.

What do I need to start the game ?

To start your mining you will need either an NFT Robot or a Non-NFT Robot.

How does the Mining work ?

After returning from the ore search your robot will tell you which ore it found and you will be able to decide between proceeding with mining or starting a new research. (After the first search, the others will have a cost starting from 25 ores.)

What is the Mining Cycle ?

Mining cycle is the duration that your robot will completely finish mining. (May vary depending on your robot and ore found)

What is the difference between NFT and NON-NFT ?

The NON-NFT Robots are basic robots for those who do not want or can't invest value in an NFT. (To start a new mining with NON-NFT robots will require a repair using a toolbox and they are the only ones able to find NFT pieces when accompanied by a pet.)

How does the withdraw work for those who don't have NFT ?

Accounts that do not have an NFT will have their withdrawal reduced by 50%.

What are PETs ?

Small robots specializing in finding rare items (NFT Pieces) when accompanied by a Non-NFT robot. It also helps NON-NFT and NFT robots automate oil application.(Last 1 cycle)

What are NFT Pieces?

NFT Pieces are equipments (NFT) that will grant additional attributes to your Robot.

Where can I get NFT Pieces?

You will only have 2 ways to get the Pieces:
1 - Dropping the piece with a NON-NFT Robot accompanied by a PET.
2- Buying from another player on the marketplace.

Will the game have payment of fees (gas) in the actions?

Yes, there are specific actions that will be charged a fee, such as converting Ores to MEKA, opening a NFT box, attaching a NFT piece to a robot, buy or sell assets on the marketplace.

Will the game be released for Android/IOS?

As a browser game, the person who has an Android/IOS will be able to play it.
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