Each NFT Piece will have its own rarity and will be limited for each season. Pieces can only be found by MiningBots (non-NFT robots) accompanied by maintainers, once found, the player is free to sell them on our marketplace or use them in their NFT Robots.
NFT Pieces will not be available at Junkyard (Game Shop). The only way to get NFT parts other than dropping with your non-nft robots is through pre-sales or occasional promotions by the MekaMiners team.
One of our goals is to get as close as possible to a world where artistic NFTs can be reflected in game NFTs, so we've adopted a season concept for that.
In other words, basically the pieces will be illustrated and modeled according to the seasons, which means that after a season has passed, it will no longer be possible to acquire that NFT Piece with that specific look!
Each NFT Appearance will have its own rarity and will be limited by season.
Real world example: In our pre-sale, we will have the "GENERATION 0" season for NFT parts, which means that Pieces that look like this will ONLY be purchased during the pre-sale!
The purpose of this feature is to create an incentive for rare NFT holders by making events with rewards outside of the game, such as: Amazon Tickets, Spotify Subscription, Netflix Subscription, Shopping Vouchers etc...
Note: These rewards will be limited to countries where this business model is allowed.
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