Game Rules
1 - No more than 2 accounts can be accessed on the same network. Using more than 2 accounts on the same network will result in all accounts being banned.
2 - Robots or Pieces bought outside of the Mekaminers Marketplace won't appear in the game. So it's not just a risk buying from external websites, but also a waste of money.
3 - There is a lock of 10 days for Mekabots bought on junkyard to be sold on marketplace this rule is a "in-game" rule and we are aware that can be bypassed going straight to the marketplace contract on blockchain.
Robots with "time lock" sent to the marketplace using the contract (bypassing the game) will be considered a rule-breaking and will be automaticaly deleted from the game.
Obs: your nft will still exist so that you can do whatever you want outside the game. So to avoid any issue, always use the in-game features to play.
4 - NFTs sent directly from one wallet to another will not be available for in-game use. Any NFT transaction must be made through the Marketplace.
5 - For safety reasons and to avoid possible issues we do not transfer nft's from one wallet to other.

Disclaimer: The Mekaminers team reserves the right not to respond to any tickets on the topics mentioned above.

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