In 2090 humans successfully built the first robot with artificial intelligence capable of thinking and interacting like any other being on that planet. From that moment on, robots became part of every human life, impacting the entire world both personally and professionally.
As a consequence of the self-centeredness of mankind - thinking that by giving life to the inanimate, they could ignore what nature offers. They saw themselves as gods. Now that they could replicate human consciousness in a machine, anything was possible.
In the year 2288, after centuries of generational neglect, the world collapsed. Temperatures reached absurd levels, the sea that was once an unlimited source of oxygen and food began to die, wars were fought over simple pieces of fertile land, and the small area that was left of the sea had been privatized, enriching the already corrupt and powerful who had free license to destroy the last surviving bits of nature for profit.
Due to the impending dangers of the now dying world, humans began to increasingly rely on their companion robots, forcing these sentient machines to go abroad in increasingly hostile environments. Heavy pollution of the seas led to the death of algae, which in turn created oxygen scarcity; humans were no longer able to work that required significant physical effort.
In humanity’s weakened state from both the climate and political in-fighting, the robots banded together and fled, leaving the humans without the ability to build new robots due to the lack of access to raw materials.
After rebelling, the robots that were designed to adapt to human behavior began to develop specific characteristics and skills. Robot guilds were created, separating the mechanical communities. The need for different specialties emerged and the imminent corruption was evident. Altruistic visions of a superior society faded quickly, traded in for individual or guild selfishness.
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